Engineering for home additions and renovations in South Florida can be a daunting task, but with the right help, it doesn’t have to be.  At Astral, we specialize in providing comprehensive plans and calculations to help you secure the necessary construction permits.

Our team of seasoned engineers collaborates with you to develop a plan that adheres to all local and state regulations. The initial phase of this process involves interviews and thorough research, which includes considerations such as:

  1. Availability of original plans or the requirement for “as-built” documentation.
  2. Property size, age, and construction type.
  3. Whether the proposed changes are to the exterior or interior of the structure.

For projects involving exterior work, such as decks, house extensions, pergolas, or gazebos, a survey is always mandatory. We also conduct site plan reviews and analyze setbacks, which are then prepared and submitted to the relevant city authorities.

Special attention is paid to crawl spaces and attic access. Various modifications like creating openings, removing walls, or establishing new spaces may necessitate different trades or disciplines. The primary disciplines encompass Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Plumbing, with additional specialties like Civil (Stormwater) and Landscaping also considered.

An example of such considerations is adding a new exterior door to your house. This may trigger the need for a landing and improved lighting in that area. Another instance could be adding a new room to your house, which might require replacement of the existing AC unit and electrical panel after detailed mechanical plans and calculations.

Typically, engineers deliver essential documents such as plans and calculations required for obtaining a building permit, while the contractor or property owner handles the permit application process. It’s crucial to engage a Florida Certified Engineer, as their services may be necessary to address city comments and resolve construction-related discrepancies

In cases where modifications have already been made to the house and there’s a need for legalization or addressing building violations, the owner will need the plans and calculations, get city approval and afterwards have the contractor adjust the existing conditions to the plan and additional Engineer affidavit will be needed.

One aspect that might be challenging for those not in the construction industry to grasp is the division of responsibilities between “Engineers and Architects of Record” who oversee the overall design, and the numerous components, such as handrails, pools, shoring, and roof trusses, that may require additional engineering by the contractor and their “Delegated Engineer.”

At Astral, we streamline the permitting process and provide comprehensive engineering support to help you navigate the complexities of home additions and renovations in South Florida. We’re here to ensure your project complies with all regulations and standards, making your vision a reality.